Building Blocks

The Project

Building Blocks is a match making platform for general contractors and tradespeople. Unlike a job search platform, Building Blocks does the searching and pairing for you based on specific needs from the general contractors and qualified attributes of the tradesperson. Building Blocks is a startup based in Boston, MA and is currently seeking funding.

  • Branding
  • Consulting
  • Web Design
  • UI design

“I felt like they were an extended team, even though we had never worked together previously. They are quick, creative and knowledgeable about their craft. The site and business model will continue to evolve, but I feel very confident that the Brand we have created is distinct and fits perfectly with the target audience and the value proposition. They helped me build a solid foundation for the brand so that as the business, revenue model, and customer interactions evolve, customers as well as future employees will understand immediately who we are.”

Wendy WiseFounder & CEO at Building Blocks

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