• Megan and Johnny | Cherry Blossoms

    Really getting to know a couple’s story is one of the things that sets us apart from other photographers and makes a difference in the images that we capture. We want to know how you met, what’s a great date night to you, what are some struggles that you’ve overcome together?

    Megan and Johnny are college sweethearts. They met by chance at St. Vincent University in 2011 and serendipity had big plans for them. They worked together in the Event and Conference Services Department. When you’re on the same campus, it’s easy to spend time together. After graduation, Johnny got a job and moved to DC. Anyone who’s been in a long distance relationship knows the longing of waiting for the other half of your heart to come home.

    Eventually you don’t care about anything besides being together. On New Years Eve, they went back to Station Square where they had their first date and Johnny surprised Megan by getting down on one knee in front of the giant Christmas tree and asking if she would spend the rest of her life with him. (When she started breathing again, she said yes.)

    This spring we wanted to commemorate all of the time Johnny spent in DC as well as Megan driving 4 hours each way to see him for the first of their four season engagement sessions. The National Cherry Blossom Festival on the Tidal Basin was the perfect setting.

    Planning wasn’t easy! Cherry trees are fickle and this past winter lasted longer than expected. We almost didn’t know if we would make it there, but when the blossoms and the weather aligned, Megan and I made a mad dash from Pittsburgh to DC one evening so that we could meet Johnny and be under the famous trees at sunrise the next morning. All combined it was 4 weeks of planning, 9 hours of driving, 3 miles of walking, a 3 a.m. wake up call and ultimately about four starbucks coffees – but it was all worth it!

    Megan and Johnny will be married next May at their alma mater in the historic Saint Vincent Basilica. I can’t wait : )

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    It’s been four years in the making, and now it’s here! We are rolling out a bright new look for photosbyaw.com! The new website features updated galleries, product examples, a fresh pricing structure with tiered options for every budget, and at last – the return of my blog! I’ve really missed writing over the past few years. They have been a journey to say the least. I got married, we bought a house and moved away from our families for the first time (though not too far!), and I brought my sister, Ashley, into the business! We’ve done a lot of traveling and photography has opened doors to many new adventures. I’m looking forward to catching you all up on what’s being going on through future blog posts recapping some of the past.


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