I hope you’re here because you want to capture your life story.  Maybe you’re planning a celebration and want to remember all the details? Maybe you’ve realized that time with the people and places we love is never long enough. In this age of instant electronics, I want to help you preserve your family history for future generations. No fads or distractions, just you and your family and friends in the places that you love. Relaxed, real, and perfect just the way you are.


I’M A STORYTELLER. I use photographs to collect and preserve time in a frame.

I’M A LOVER OF THE OUTDOORS, FAMILY AND ADVENTURES. The best is when all three of those collide. That’s why I love rustic weddings and choose locations off the beaten path for my portrait sessions. The best stories begin where the sidewalk ends.

I’VE BEEN A FULL TIME WORKING PROFESSIONAL SINCE 2005 and have my college degree in photography. This is not my first rodeo. I’ve shot over 200 weddings throughout the US in every kind of weather and location imaginable. Backed by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and fully insured, you and your memories will be in good hands every step of the way.

MY IDEAL WORK ENVIRONMENT. A few years ago I spent a whole day shooting in a swampy bog wearing rubber boots up to my knees. It was isolated, muddy, and full of mosquitoes.  From the developed world, looking out into the bog it seemed like a desolate nothing. Once I slogged a few yards off the trail, there were plants and flowers, fish and frogs and a beaver lodge. I was surrounded by beauty in all directions. The most picturesque scenes can come from the most unlikely spaces.

WHEN I’M STRESSED OUT, I COOK. Then I usually take pictures of my food. I can’t tell you all the strange state of affairs my husband has come home to.

MY HUSBAND, SEAN, AND I HAVE BEEN TOGETHER FOR 11 YEARS NOW. We were married in 2011 and our honeymoon was a camping trip to Montana and Glacier National Park.

WE HAVE COWS. They listen to the radio and love carrots, apples, and corn on the cob.

MY SISTER, ASHLEY, IS MY SHOOTING PARTNER. After years of working with other aspiring photographers with their own agendas, I realized my ideal teammate had already been provided for me (my mother will happily take credit). We understand each other’s stubbornness and see the world through a life history of shared experiences that only siblings can have in common.

WE ARE GREAT IN A CANOE. Growing up my parents took us backpacking, camping, hunting, and taught us how to build a campfire in the rain. One of my favorite photos of us as kids was from an afternoon spent on the lake. That’s me in the back and Ashley in the front. If you know anything about canoeing, the person in the back does the steering and the person in the front is the muscle. Working separately it’s a struggle, but together they can go anywhere. We work by the same philosophy today.




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